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R. vs. F.K. – Vancouver Provincial Court

Charges: Theft and Fraud Over $5000 (from employer).

Issue: Whether the pre-charge delay of 3.5 years would reduce the sentence in this $215,000 employee fraud case.

Result: Mr. Mines was able to persuade the trial judge and Crown counsel that there was merit to our application for a judicial stay of proceedings based on our client’s inability to properly defend the charges due to a delay of about 4 years in getting the charges approved. Notwithstanding this breach of trust, Mr. Mines was able to negotiate a plea arrangement in which our client received a 2 year conditional sentence order with a 10 pm curfew for 12 months. No monies were ordered to be repaid. No jail.

R. vs. K.L. – Vancouver Provincial Court

Charges: Theft Over $5000 (from employer).

Issue: Given the rehabilitative steps we were able to guide our client through, whether she would be sentenced to jail.

Result: After steering our client through counselling and arranging her repayment of the misappropriated funds, Mr. Mines was able to persuade Crown counsel to not seek a. jail sentence. After hearing Mr. Mines’ submissions on our client’s behalf, the court granted a suspended sentence and placed our client on probation for 18 months. No jail.