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R. vs. E.S. – Vancouver Provincial Court

Charge: Sexual Assault.

Issue: Given the circumstances of the incident and the rehabilitative steps we were able to steer our client through, whether it was in the public interest for Crown to proceed with the prosecution.

Result: Upon providing information including counselling records to Crown counsel, Mr. Johnson was able to persuade Crown to not approve any criminal charges. No jail; criminal record.

R. vs. V.R. – Port Coquitlam Provincial Court

Charges: Sexual assault(x2); unlawful confinement; assault with a weapon; breach of undertaking; possession of child pornography.

Issue: Whether the Crown could prove that there was no consent with respect to the sexual assault charges and whether a jail sentence was appropriate given our youthful client’s rehabilitation that we were able to steer him through.

Result: Mr. Mines was able to persuade Crown counsel to not proceed on the sexual offences and, after hearing Mr. Mines’ submissions, the Court granted our client a 3 month conditional sentence with a curfew and probation. No jail.

R. vs. H. – Vancouver Provincial Court

Charges: Sexual Assault.

Issue: Whether the Crown was able to provide the additional disclosure that Mr. Johnson demanded before proceeding to trial.

Result: In the face of Mr. Johnson’s application, Crown counsel elected to enter a complete stay of proceedings. No criminal record.

R. vs. B.M. – New Westminster Provincial Court

Charge: Sexual Assault.

Issue: Whether there was merit in moving forward with the prosecution.

Result: Mr. Johnson was able to provide information to Crown counsel that led to Crown concluding there was no substantial likelihood of a conviction. Stay of proceedings. No jail. No criminal record.