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R. vs. S.J. – Port Coquitlam Provincial Court

Charge: Driving While Prohibited.

Issue: Whether the crown would be able to prove that our client was the driver of the vehicle.

Result: We were able to persuade Crown counsel that there was problem with the identification evidence and, therefore, to proceed on the lesser offence of driving without a valid driver’s licence.  Rather than a one year minimum driving prohibition, our client was sentenced to a $500 fine. No driving prohibition.

Y.Y. vs. Superintendent of Motor Vehicles – Review of Driving Prohibition

Charge: Notice of Intent to Prohibit.

Issue: Whether RoadSafety BC had appropriate reasons to prohibit our client from driving for 4 months.

Result: Mr. Johnson was able to persuade the Superintendent’s adjudicator that the 4 month driving prohibition was not warranted. The driving prohibition was reduced to 2 months.