Entries by Jodi Wigmore

R. vs. S.S. – Richmond Provincial Court

Charge: Possession of Child Pornography; Importing Obscene Material. Issue: Whether Mr. Mines’ client had knowledge of the contents of DVDs that he purchased in China and brought into Canada. Result: After making submissions to police, Canada Border Service investigators and Crown Counsel, Mr. Mines’ client was not charged with any criminal or Customs Act offence. […]

R. vs. M.T. – Vancouver Provincial Court

Charge: Create Terrorism Hoax; Public Mischief. Issue: Whether, in the circumstances of the offence, it would be appropriate for the Court to convict Mr. Mines’ client. Result: After lengthy submissions to Crown Counsel by Mr. Mines, Crown agreed to proceed on the lesser charge of Public Mischief. After hearing Mr. Mines’ submissions, the Court granted […]

R. vs. P.W. – North Vancouver Provincial Court

Charge: Assault (after investigation for Murder). Issue: Whether Mr. Mines’ client would be sentenced to jail in circumstances where the co-accused was charged with manslaughter. Result: After receiving Mr. Mines’ advice during the investigation stage, the accused was charged with assault. Upon Mr. Mines’ client pleading guilty, and after hearing Mr. Mines’ submissions, the trial judge […]

R. vs. S.M. – Surrey Provincial Court

Charge: Importing Over $10,000 Currency into Canada. Issue: Whether Mr. Mines’ client, a U.S. citizen, would be released from custody and whether he would face incarceration upon conviction for importing approximately $500,000 U.S. cash into Canada Result: After obtaining his clients’ release from custody, Mr. Mines was able to persuade Crown Counsel to withdraw the […]