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Our Successes

The vast majority of our clients’ cases are resolved favourably.

R. vs. S.A. – Vancouver Provincial Court

Charge: Communicating for Prostitution.
Issue: On a guilty plea, whether it was appropriate for Mr. Mines’ client to receive a conviction.
Result: After hearing Mr. Mines’ submissions, the judge granted Mr. Mines’ client a discharge.

R. vs. S.D. – Vancouver Police Investigation

Charge: Sexual Assault.
Issue: Whether police would recommend charges to Crown Counsel.
Result: After hearing Mr. Mines’ submissions on his client’s behalf, the police decide not to forward charges.

R. vs. P.W. – North Vancouver Provincial Court

Charge: Assault (after investigation for Murder).
Issue: Whether Mr. Mines’ client would be sentenced to jail in circumstances where the co-accused was charged with manslaughter.
Result: After receiving Mr. Mines’ advice during the investigation stage, the accused was charged with assault. Upon Mr. Mines’ client pleading guilty, and after hearing Mr. Mines’ submissions, the trial judge suspended sentence and placed Mr. Mines’ client on probation.

R. vs. S.M. – Surrey Provincial Court

Charge: Importing Over $10,000 Currency into Canada.
Issue: Whether Mr. Mines’ client, a U.S. citizen, would be released from custody and whether he would face incarceration upon conviction for importing approximately $500,000 U.S. cash
into Canada
Result: After obtaining his clients’ release from custody, Mr. Mines was able to persuade Crown Counsel to withdraw the criminal charge.

R. vs. R.A. North Vancouver Provincial Court

Charge: Manslaughter.
Issue: What sentence would be appropriate for Mr Mines’ client who confessed to killing a Squamish lawyer five years earlier.
Result: After hearing Mr. Mines’ submissions, the trial judge sentenced Mr. Mines’ client to five years jail.