Courts in Canada view cases involving employee theft and fraud cases as serious breach of trust situations. As a result, there is a strong likelihood that Crown Counsel will seek a jail sentence in order to denounce the act and deter others from committing these types of offences. Additionally, the Crown will seek orders requiring that the accused makes full restitution of all misappropriated money to his or her employer.

Often, employee fraud and theft cases involve a thorough examination of accounting records and require precise attention to detail. The Vancouver employee theft defence lawyers at Mines & Company are experienced when it comes to working with accounting experts to determine the actual losses that Crown counsel is alleging. In some cases we have succeeded in greatly reducing the amount of alleged theft or fraud from employer.

Conditional Discharges: Negotiating a Successful Resolution

Notwithstanding the breach of trust issue in employee theft cases, we have been successful in obtaining conditional discharges for our clients. Rather than a jail sentence or a conditional sentence order (house arrest), many of our clients have been granted a Conditional Discharge and not only avoided jail, but have avoided a criminal conviction.

In one of our recent successes (R. v. K.H. in North Vancouver Provincial Court), our client was charged with misappropriating in excess of $10,000 from her employer. The Crown argued for house arrest, but after hearing Mr. Mines’s submissions, the court granted his client a Conditional Discharge. No criminal conviction.

Facing Embezzlement Charges in British Columbia? We Are Here to Help

In more serious theft and fraud cases, there are other options. We will help you explore possible outcomes and help you make educated decisions. In defending against all charges, whether through negotiation with Crown prosecution or in jury trials, we will work hard to minimize the consequences and protect your rights and freedom.

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