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Our client reviews speak for themselves.


Thank you so very much. I am so grateful I get a second chance to make right my despicable actions. Thank you for making that happen. My family and I thank you very much sincerely!!


Dear Michael: Thank you again for your hard work and great effort on my husband’s case. I wish none of my friends are ever involved in a criminal case. However, if anyone needs legal assistance, you will be the first and only one I highly recommend to others!


Thank you again, sincerely, for all your assistance in managing my case in the last couple of months. Your professional and personal commitments were admirable and I will always be grateful.


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and offer my sincere gratitude for your support and guidance in my recent case. We were able to achieve a wonderful outcome which has allowed me to enjoy my holidays and time with loved ones in a stress-free and relaxed environment. I am happy that I am able to put it all behind me now.

S.K. (visiting Judge from Japan)

explanation…I realize that the task must have taken a great deal of your precious time. Thanks to your kindness, I can understand much more about the criminal procedure especially the jury system. I believe that what I am learning in Canada must be helpful to me to deal with cases by myself after I come back to Japan. With many thanks again for all you did.


Your kindness will always be remembered.


I don’t know how to thank you for your service and this outcome. When I met you the first time, you showed me confidence and then handled all situations carefully in order to find the best possible outcome. Moreover, you have set up proper strategies concerning me as well as providing firm advice. Once again, thank you.


Thank you for your amazing job with my case. I got the biggest Christmas present in my whole life. Thanks to you.