Mines Client Sentenced to 20 Weekends for Internet Extortion

August 25, 2014

A North Vancouver judge has sentenced a 23-year-old man to jail for attempting to extort nude photos from a young woman.

In a case with similarities to that of Amanda Todd, the B.C. teenager who committed suicide after being blackmailed online, Mark Webber somehow obtained an explicit video of the victim from her boyfriend’s cellphone.

He then threatened to share the video with her Facebook friends unless she sent him nude images of herself — a threat he subsequently followed through on.

The young woman involved has not been named for legal reasons.

Sentencing Webber to 60 days in jail — to be served on weekends — the judge said it was important to send a message to the public that this kind of extortion will result in jail time.

The Crown had asked for nine months’ jail time.

Source CBC Article