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Mines Client receives suspended sentence in Beating death

Players in fatal swarming sentenced NORTHSHORE NEWS By Jane Syed One young man was placed under house arrest and a second man received a suspended sentence Thursday for their part in a violent swarming that ended in the death of 25-year-old Robbie Araji in Waterfront Park in the summer. News Article online access: Suspended sentence […]

Mines client successful in Skytrain Police assault case

Teacher taking SkyTrain cops to civil court VANCOUVER COURIER By Mike Howell-Staff writer A 27-year-old teacher who claims two SkyTrain cops tackled her last fall and hit her in the eye with a flashlight is furious with the justice system after learning the Crown decided not to proceed with charges against the cops. Christy Logeman, […]

Mines client provides early information in Missing Women Case

A chilling 1998 audiotape reveals detailed information about a Port Coquitlam pig farmer charged with murdering six prostitutes who disappeared from the Downtown Eastside. News Article online access: April, 2002 | June 2003 Pickton tape given to police in 1998 ‘He’s quite the strange character, eh, very, very strange’ Suzanne Fournier The Province Thursday, April […]