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Marc Emery, “Prince of Pot”, soon to be Free. What’s next for Canada’s Marijuana Laws?

“The Times, they are a Changin”….. It’s quite a different political and cultural landscape since Marc Emery, the self stylized “Prince of Pot” was sentenced over four years ago in the United States for  distribution of drugs – marijuana seeds. Colorado and Washington are two U.S. states that have beat Canada to the punch by recently […]

Thousands at Riot Broke Law, Few Convictions Are Assured

TheTyee.ca / June 2011 An image depicts a man, apparently in his 20s, wearing a Vancouver Canucks-branded T-shirt. With his arms spread, one hand grasping a hockey stick, the other open-palmed, he is gesturing to an off-camera crowd. The muscles in his forearms, chest and face appear flexed, his mouth gaping and his eyes wide. […]

Mines client shares in Missing Women reward money

Thursday, August 26, 2010 Pickton tipster to share in reward Bill Hiscox was first person to alert police to serial killer The man who first tipped off police about Robert Pickton more than three years before the serial killer’s arrest will share a $100,000 reward with five other people. Bill Hiscox, who now lives in […]

Man found not criminally responsible for attack on Landlady

A man who committed a violent sex attack on his landlady has been found not criminally responsible due to a mental disorder. Steven Thomas Lowry, 26, was charged with attempted murder, aggravated sexual assault and aggravated assault in connection with the April 2008 attack on the victim, who cannot be identified due to a publication […]

Mines Defends Mountie on Assault Charge

Lawyer for Coquitlam Mountie who’s on trial says nobody was hurt in 2006 incident. A Coquitlam Mountie on trial for assault and obstruction was justified when he interfered in an arrest last year, his defence lawyer said yesterday. In his closing arguments, Michael Mines told Judge Maria Giardini that the officer may have been angry […]

Mines client acquitted in Marijuana Cafe Case

Former cafe owner faces 10 yrs POT ADVOCATE CONVICTED ON TRAFFICKING CHARGES – CO-ACCUSED FOUND NOT GUILTY VANCOUVER – The former owner of a well-known east Vancouver cafe that openly sold marijuana until a police raid in September, 2004, was convicted of two marijuana-trafficking charges yesterday. A British Columbia Supreme Court jury found Carol Gwilt […]

Mines Client receives suspended sentence in Beating death

Players in fatal swarming sentenced NORTHSHORE NEWS By Jane Syed One young man was placed under house arrest and a second man received a suspended sentence Thursday for their part in a violent swarming that ended in the death of 25-year-old Robbie Araji in Waterfront Park in the summer. News Article online access: Suspended sentence […]

Mines client successful in Skytrain Police assault case

Teacher taking SkyTrain cops to civil court VANCOUVER COURIER By Mike Howell-Staff writer A 27-year-old teacher who claims two SkyTrain cops tackled her last fall and hit her in the eye with a flashlight is furious with the justice system after learning the Crown decided not to proceed with charges against the cops. Christy Logeman, […]

Mines client provides early information in Missing Women Case

A chilling 1998 audiotape reveals detailed information about a Port Coquitlam pig farmer charged with murdering six prostitutes who disappeared from the Downtown Eastside. News Article online access: April, 2002 | June 2003 Pickton tape given to police in 1998 ‘He’s quite the strange character, eh, very, very strange’ Suzanne Fournier The Province Thursday, April […]