I met Ryan Johnson at the worst time of my life: my ex-wife lied to the police and got me arrested for an assault with a weapon. Scheduling the meeting with Ryan was simple and quick, and he assured me that he will fight to make sure that I will not be convicted of a crime I did not commit. Ryan stayed strong and focused on his tactics even when I thought there is no hope to avoid trial. After 5 months of negotiations with a very hostile Crown, we had no choice and a trial was scheduled. Even then, Ryan stayed optimistic and confident that he could get a stay of proceedings. After 2 more months of negotiations, and with amazing human interaction skills, Ryan managed to convince the trial Crown to meet my ex-wife and consider a stay. Shortly after that my case was stayed and done, saving me thousands of dollars and months of uncertainty. During these 8 months Ryan showed amazing defence lawyering skills and support. It was Ryan Johnson’s skill and patience that led to this perfect result!