Vancouver Criminal Law Firm

Since being called to the British Columbia bar in 1993, Michael Mines has built a successful law practice that focusses on Criminal Code and Motor Vehicle Act defence. Together with associates Ian Gauthier and Patrick Johnston, Mr. Mines enjoys the respect of colleagues, judges, Crown Counsel and our clients. Mr. Mines has past experience doing Crown prosecution work. We believe that understanding our cases from the Crown’s perspective gives us an added edge in being able to best defend our clients. We know that our clients must place their trust in us to provide accurate advice and to strongly advocate for them. Our lawyers are dedicated to helping our clients obtain the best possible results.


Serving Vancouver and all of British Columbia

We stand up for people facing assault, theft, driving and drug charges. We represent people charged with weapons offences and other serious offences  including murder. Our offices are located in downtown Vancouver in the historic Marine Building. Though we appear primarily in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond, Port Coquitlam, New Westminster and Surrey courts, we also appear in other courts throughout British Columbia. We have represented clients in Alberta and the Yukon.

We understand that being accused of a criminal offence is extremely stressful. We strive to help steer our clients through police investigations and the court process by vigorously defending our client’s rights and interests. Our methods involve diligently obtaining full disclosure of all relevant police reports, witness statements and other materials so that we can fully understand the facts and assess the strength of the Crown’s case. We then strive to develop an appropriate defence – be it a Charter of Rights challenge to a search and seizure, or a “substantive defence” such as lack of intent or self defence. In all cases we promise to keep our clients informed, to explain the law, and to advise our clients of their best options.

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To schedule a free initial consultation with Vancouver criminal lawyer Michael Mines or his associates Ian Gauthier or Patrick Johnston, call 604-688-1460 or contact us via e-mail.