Bail Hearings

Fighting Your Case From Outside Police Custody:

When the charge is serious, or the accused has a history of not complying with court orders, Crown Counsel will apply to the Court for a detention order. Needless to say the Bail Hearing (or Show Cause Hearing) is a pivotal stage of the trial process. Obviously, all accused persons (who are presumed to be innocent) would rather fight their charge from position of freedom, rather from a pre-trial detention centre. At Mines & Company our lawyers have years of experience arguing for our client's release from custody at the outset.

Developing a Release Plan:

To release an accused person from custody, the Court must be satisfied that:

1.  the person will return to court and will comply with conditions of release; 

2.  the person will not commit any further offences; 

3.  the community's perception of the "administration of justice" will not be offended.

At Mines & Company our lawyers are skilled in developing a release plan to ensure that our clients face the best chance of being released on bail. Various considerations include:

• establishing an appropriate residence;

•·proposing appropriate "no contact" terms;

•·proposing appropriate weapons or restrictions or counselling terms;

•·proposing cash or surety bail were appropriate.

Contact Us:

If someone you care about has been arrested and is facing the possibility of a detention order, contact Mines & Company. We will fight for our client's release from custody.