Client Reviews

Ryan was very helpful and professional in helping me with my legal problem.
When I was arrested, before I hired Ryan, I gave a statement to the police. I now know I shouldn't have talked to the police. Ryan was able to help me out of that. He worked with the situation and convinced the prosecutor that they wouldn't be able to use my statement against me.
My English is not very good. Ryan was very patient in working with me, making sure I understood everything that was going on. He even had an interpreter come in once, just to make very sure I understood exactly what was happening.
I was in a lot of trouble. Ryan was able to work out my case quickly. I am very happy with the result.  



I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation for all your hard work on my behalf. You have given me a second chance and I am grateful. Thank You!  -A.K.



Michael Mines has helped our family on number of occasions. In all 4 occurrences. Mr Mines convinced the Crown to stay the charges. No Criminal record resulted.Michael as many strong relationships within the Crown and is well respected if not feared by Crown Prosecutors . Just knowing that Michael Mines is the lawyer on the case will give the Crown pause when considering going to trial.
So no matter significant your charge is, do not attempt to go with duty counsel. Go with the best and don't take chances with your future.  -G.S.

Michael answered all my questions and helped me to understand what was happening and what to expect...
During the whole process Michael made all my court appearances so I did not have to miss any work...he kept me informed of what was happening and helped me to figure out what my options were.
Pros :
-fast communications with email and phone
-price was basically the same as the other lawyers...but for me well worth the dismissed verdict.  


We do not know how often a Criminal Defence Lawyer is praised for his work, but we strongly feel that Ryan Johnson should be highly praised. He did what other lawyers before him could not get done and he was fighting an uphill battle for us.
We particularly want to point out numerous things that impressed us and made is feel comfortable with him. We appreciated that he sympathized with our predicament. He did not dismiss our feelings or ignore them and it helped us go through this awful process. He was easy to talk to and has a good sense of humour, which always helps. He always kept us informed, providing us with as much detail as he could. He would provide us with his expert opinion, explain the reasoning and then ask us to let him know how to proceed. We truly appreciated this because we felt we had some control and input into our file. - Z.B.

Ryan, I am still in a bit of shock that this has been wrapped up (and favourably).
We cannot put into words how much this means to us. This was almost two years of agony for us. To be accused of something so heinous, that you did not was beyond awful.
You were fantastic to have as our lawyer and if anyone I know ever finds themselves in need of a lawyer, I will be highly recommending you, and your firm. Our case was not an easy one and you handled it perfectly. Please tell Michael we greatly appreciate his help as well.

I have dealt with B.C. lawyers for forty years in every professional capacity.  Michael Mines, Mines and Company Law,   stands above the rest and is to be commended for providing me (and my family) with prompt,   professional  and proficient defence in a complex white collar criminal case involving accusations over a decade ago including,  but not limited to,  thousands of pages of evidence,  convoluted financial transactions and personal and corporate  bankruptcy implications. Mr. Mines is particularly adept in dealing with Crown Counsel.   Mr. Mines skilled and specialized legal experience is to be highly praised and much applauded by his clientele and peers.  - R.G.

I would like to say "thank you very much" for helping me getting through this chaotic time of my life. You handled my case with expert care and resolved it in a manner positively in my favor. I am very grateful for not getting a criminal record. You are very professional and knowledgeable and for that I would highly recommend your firm. Again, thank you very much!  - D.L.

Thanks to Mr. Mines, what could have been a costly and traumatic legal issue was resolved in a professional timely manner. I would not hesitate to use Mines and Company for any future legal issues and highly recommend this law firm.  - L.H.

I was recently charged with a driving offence. A friend recommended Mines and Company. Michael took my case and was very clear in his intention to help me and was great in explaining the law. He made many court appearances on my behalf so I didn't have to miss work or get involved with the court proceedings. Ultimately he got the charges dropped and I plead guilt to a lesser (Motor Vehicle Act) charge. Dealing with him was a positive experience. I would definitely highly recommend this law firm. - W.M.

I had a big problem with the law with an assault charge. I checked some lawyers and found Mines and Company to be excellent. Right away they made me feel very comfortable and was told not to worry. They were right and work hard with the Crown. When all was done, I had no criminal charge against me. I thank them for all their great work. I do a lot of travelling and as you know, you need a passport to do this. Thanks a lot Mines and Company. Great job!  - E.H.

Michael Mines represented me in an alleged Aggravated Assault case.  My experience working with Michael was very positive as he listened to me and was completely diligent.  Michael was professional in his case research, which resulted in the charges being reduced to Assault Causing Bodily Harm. Furthermore, Michael convinced the Crown and the Court that my character reflected that I was not a risk to society nor my family.  The case resulted in a positive outcome as I was given a conditional discharge with minimal conditions.  This allowed me to continue living in Canada as a Permanent Resident and allowed me to  rebuild my relationship with my children, and  continue serving in my community in various youth programs. I am very grateful for Michael’s professional representation and service.  I would recommend him to others who are facing serious allegations that need fair and expert representation.  Sincerely, T. H. 


Thank you for your firm's work in assisting C.H. It was the outcome that we hoped for.


I didn't hire Mines & Company, but my husband did.  I am soooo thankful that
he did!  These men laid their talent on the line to make sure my hubby didn't
spend a day more than he deserved!  I'm not saying that my husband was
innocent, I'm saying these gentlemen had their work cut out for them and they
did their job. Freedom of spirit is not free!!! Anybody who thinks that is a
fool. Nobody walks away free, Lets get real and man for what you deserve, And
you will with these gentlemen!  Thank you Ryan, stupidity is plain, arrogance
is vain, but intelligence is key!!! Thank you for using it!!   - N.R.

Mr. Mines, Thank you for your hard work and dedication to your profession and clients. A.C.

Dear Michael: Thank you again for your hard work and great effort on my husband's case. I wish none of my friends are ever involved in a criminal case. However, if anyone needs legal assistance, you will be the first and only one I highly recommend to others! - S.S.

Thanks again for all your help. You've made a great difference in my (and my family's) future.   -  L.B.

Hi Ryan/Michael, I would just like to give you both a big thank you and comment on my relationship with Mines Law through this very difficult time for myself and my family. At the start of this scary time I would like to thank you Michael for your flexibility regarding payment. We were caught off guard and without your flexibility I shudder to think of where we would be at now. Ryan, I would like to thank you for the wisdom, kindness and sincere empathy that you exhibited all the way through this whole process. This was unexpected and truly appreciated. The experience was more like working with a close friend than a lawyer. Again, I would like to thank you both for your guidance and positive resolution of this matter. Sincerely, G.S.

I don't know how to thank you for your service and this outcome. When I met you the first time, you showed me confidence and then handled all situations carefully in order to find the best possible outcome. Moreover, you have set up proper strategies concerning me as well as providing firm advice. Once again, thank you. - S.L.

Thank you ever so much for doing us a real favour. If was especially good of you to give us the understandable explanation...I realize that the task must have taken a great deal of your precious time. Thanks to your kindness, I can understand much more about the criminal procedure especially the jury system. I believe that what I am learning in Canada must be helpful to me to deal with cases by myself after I come back to Japan. With many thanks again for all you did. - S.K. (visiting Judge from Japan).

Thank you again, sincerely, for all your assistance in managing my case in the last couple of months. Your professional and personal commitments were admirable and I will always be grateful. - H.S.

Thank you so very much. I am so grateful I get a second chance to make right my despicable actions. Thank you for making that happen. My family and I thank you very much sincerely!!  -  L.D.

Dear Mr. Mines, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you profusely for resolving my case extrajudicially. Thank you for giving me a second chance in life with which I will certainly make wiser decisions, having learned my lesson. In return, I hope for nothing but success and happiness to you. With sincere gratitude and warmest thanks.  -  T.L.

Michael, Thanks so much for everything. S is really pleased and humbled by the outcome of her day in court, as are we. We greatly appreciate your careful thought on an appropriate approach and your support throughout this process. -J.

Thank you for your amazing job with my case. I got the biggest Christmas present in my whole life. Thanks to you. - M.L.

Your kindness will always be remembered. - K.L.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and offer my sincere gratitude for your support and guidance in my recent case. We were able to achieve a wonderful outcome which has allowed me to enjoy my holidays and time with loved ones in a stress-free and relaxed environment. I am happy that I am able to put it all behind me now. - J.A.