Sex Assault Charges

British Columbia Sex Offence Law Firm

At Mines & Company, we have more than 20 years of experience defending sex assault and other sex crime charges. We represent clients in the Lower Mainland and throughout British Columbia. Our lawyers are skilled, hardworking and dedicated to achieving the best possible results in these serious and potentially life-changing cases.

When defending against sex assault and other sex crimes such as sexual interference, one of the key issues is the credibility of the complainant and other witnesses. Was alcohol or other intoxicants involved? Was there an element of consent? In cases where age of consent plays a role, was there misinformation about the age of the complainant? DNA evidence may also be a factor in these cases. We know the questions to ask, and we know how to get the answers necessary to get results.

In one of our recent successes (R. v. B.B. in Richmond Provincial Court), our client was charged with sexual interference. The Crown's theory was that our client failed to take all reasonable steps to ascertain that the complainant was at least 16 years old.  After a  five day trial, the Court agreed with our submission that our client did take reasonable steps. Not Guilty. No minimum 90 day jail sentence. No criminal record.

Serious Consequences

Allegations of sexual assault carry serious consequences. Even if they do not lead to a conviction, the allegations alone carry a stigma that can impact your life. Recent amendments to the Criminal Code mean that sex assault convictions generally result in jail sentences. Offenders have to register in accordance with the Sex Offender Information Registration Act (SOIRA). Our goal is to get you through a charge with as little impact as possible.

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