Police Investigations

What happens when you become the subject of a police investigation?

At Mines & Company our lawyers are skilled in steering clients through the investigation process from beginning to end. Our goal is clear and simple: to preserve your rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


Your right to remain silent

The right to remain silent is fundamental to Canadian law. Our law dictates that it is up to the state (the police and Crown Counsel) to prove crimes against an accused person. The accused has no obligation, except in extremely limited circumstances, to cooperate with police whatsoever. We certainly understand, however, that when confronted by the police in a criminal investigation, the vast majority of people feel intimidated and powerless. If you are under police investigation for any matter, contact Mines & Company. We can act as a "buffer" between you and the police. We can communicate to the police on your behalf without putting you at risk of incriminating yourself. We will help you enforce your right to remain silent.


Representing Suspects of Criminal Offences

Whether you are suspected of theft, assault, or a sex offence, the police, after receiving a complaint,the police will want to speak with you to "hear your side of the story". Before speaking with police, you should consult with one of our lawyers. Over the years we've had many successful cases that resulted in no charge being approved because our client was able to properly excercise their right to remain silent. Before speaking to the police, call us.  Our goal is to help steer our clients through police investigations and to protect our client's rights.