Property Offences


Mischief to Property

People who wilfully damage the property of others or interfere with the owner's use and enjoyment of property can be charged with an offence under Section 430 of the Criminal Code.

Our lawyers at Mines & Company understand the various elements of mischief charges and will do everything to obtain the best result possible for our clients. We have been successful in getting the Crown to stay mischief chargers when, for example, we can establish that the damaged property was, in fact, owned by our client, not another person. In other cases, we have successfully established that our client did not act "wilfully."

In one of our recent successes (R. v. A.V. in North Vancouver Provincial Court), our client was charged with breaking a window in a fit of anger. We were able to persuade Crown that based on our client's mental health history, he lacked the necessary intent to be charged with a crime. Crown agreed to enter a stay of proceedings prior to the trial.

Mischief to Electronic Data

The Criminal Code specifically prohibits altering or destroying or interfacing with computer data. Our lawyers are experienced in working with experts so as to best defend our clients, including those charged with mischief to electronic data.

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