Dangerous Driving Charges

At Mines & Company, we have more than 20 years of experience that we use to benefit clients accused of dangerous driving and other driving offences. We defend people charged with the most serious of these offences, including dangerous driving and negligent driving causing bodily harm or death. These cases, just like a routine impaired driving cases, are often complex. The Crown Counsel will normally seek a jail sentence. Various Charter of Rights issues often arise such as the right to counsel upon detention. There is often expert evidence to consider such as accident reconstruction evidence or automobile mechanics evidence. Our lawyers are dedicated to exploring all possible defences. Our goal is to minimize the impact of a dangerous driving or other driving charge.

In one of our recent successes (R. v. S.S. in Vancouver Provincial Court), our client was charged with dangerous driving, as well as hit and run. The Crown wanted to pursue criminal charges. We persuaded the Crown to dispose of the matter under the Motor Vehicle Act, ultimately leading to a fine and a driving prohibition. No criminal record.

Simple Accident, Motor Vehicle Act offence, or Dangerous Driving ?

The distinction between dangerous driving and criminal negligence is a fine one that can lead to extensive arguments between legal professionals. In the end, criminal negligence is a more severe charge for more severe situations, including situations in which negligence led to a car accident and bodily harm to another person, either a passenger or someone in another vehicle.

If a charge does involve bodily harm caused by a vehicle, the case becomes more complicated. These are considered serious personal injury offences. Certain options, including Conditional Sentence Orders, have been stripped away by legislation. If the charge results in a conviction, a jail sentence will almost always result. House arrest and other alternatives are rarely an option. Our lawyers know the law and will stand up for the rights of those charged with these serious crimes.

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