Criminal Charges


At Mines & Company, we move quickly and effectively, putting more than 20 years of experience to work for people charged with crimes of all types. Our lawyers can be contacted immediately upon arrest. We represent clients who are being investigated by police. We represent people at Bail Hearings who are seeking their release from custody. We attempt early resolution by persuading Crown Counsel to drop charges or to proceed on lesser charges where appropriate. We conduct trials in Provincial and Supreme Court. We represent clients at sentencing hearings where we will argue for a resolution that has the least impact possible on our client.

We assist clients who are under investigation but not yet charged. In these cases, we will attempt to facilitate businesslike dealings with the police and Crown prosecutors on your behalf.

British Columbia Criminal Defence Law Firm

At Mines & Company, we provide criminal defence representation throughout the Lower Mainland and the rest of British Columbia. We work in Provincial and Supreme Court, handling all criminal charges:

In addition to defending against criminal charges, we defend people in cases involving regulatory offences under the Motor Vehicle Act. In particular, we are experienced in conducting Reviews of Immediate Roadside Prohibitions and 90-Day Administrative Driving Prohibitions. We also defend people charged with Customs Act and other types of Regulatory offences.

Dedicated To the Very Best Possible Results 

Our goal is to help you avoid or minimize a criminal conviction, jail sentence, fine or other sanction. Our experience and our dedication to criminal law mean we are well-versed in the options available, including negotiating a satisfactory resolution or arguing a case at trial.

Mines & Company Vancouver criminal defence lawyers are experienced in persuading Crown Counsel to resolve appropriate cases by way of "Alternative Measures." When clients complete an Alternative Measures Program successfully, the prosecution ends. As a result, there is no criminal record. If this is a viable solution to your case, we will advise you, explain your options and pursue this avenue.

Start With a Free Initial Consultation

Whether you need impaired driving defence representation or have been accused of any crime, including assault and weapons charges, we can help. To schedule a free initial consultation with one of our Vancouver criminal defence lawyers, call 604-688-1460 or contact us via email.