Assault Charges


At Mines & Company, we have more than 20 years of experience defending against assault charges. We serve clients in the Lower Mainland and throughout British Columbia. Our goal is to help you achieve the very best possible result. We have the skill and dedication to achieve that goal.

Generally, people charged with assault offences find themselves in situations that rapidly escalate into a physical altercation. Often, alcohol or other intoxicants are involved. These offences are rarely planned. Sometimes weapons, or objects used as weapons, are involved. Sometimes serious injury occurs, leading to charges of assault causing bodily harm or aggravated assault.

We know the laws involving consent, self-defence, and defence of another person or property. We will analyze your case and provide you with answers. Our Vancouver assault charge defence lawyers recognize that events often unfold quickly and that people sometimes do things completely out of character. In appropriate cases, we will work diligently to persuade Crown to drop charges. Should it be required, we will defend you vigorously at trial.

In one of our recent successes (R. v. R.C. in Vancouver Provincial Court), our client was charged with assault causing bodily harm and uttering a threat. At issue was whether there was consent to the fight. We persuaded the Crown to stay the charges and allow our client into an alternative measures program. No criminal record.

Alternative Measures is a valuable option that can prevent fines, incarceration and a criminal record. At Mines & Company, our lawyers' backgrounds include Crown prosecution work, so we know when to pursue this option in assault cases.

What Type of Assault Were You Charged With?

We defend against all assault charges:

  • Common assault
  • Assault causing bodily harm
  • Aggravated assault
  • Assault with a weapon
  • Domestic assault

We also defend against threatening charges, which are often associated with assault charges.


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