Immediate Roadside Prohibitions (I.R.P.s)


Serious Administrative Consequences:

Aside from criminal charges that may be recommended in Impaired Driving cases, British Columbia motorists face harsh consequences under Motor Vehicle Act legislation for failing or refusing a roadside breath demand. Even drivers who have not been charged criminally are surprised to learn that, as a result of refusing or failing a roadside screening breath test, they are issued a 90 day Immediate or Administrative Roadside driving prohibition and a fine. Additionally, they must (at their own expense) complete a remedial drivers program and equip any vehicle they drive with an ignition interlock device for 12 months.


Reviews of Immediate Roadside Driving Prohibitions:

It is your right to make application to review an administrative prohibition and to be treated fairly by the adjudicator hearing your application. At Mines & Company we have a thorough understanding of the Motor Vehicle Act legislation that governs these types of hearings. We will apply our skills and make our best efforts to do everything possible to have your administrative driving prohibition overturned in order to allow you to resume driving.


Discretionary Driving Prohibitions:

ICBC and the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles have the authority to prohibit drivers for bad driving records (accumulating demerit points for driving infractions), and/or obtaining a record for alcohol or drug related driving offences. Our lawyers understand the polices which govern these types of driving prohibitions. We have a great track record for helping clients reduce or eliminate ICBC/Superintendent of Motor Vehicles imposed driving prohibitions. If you have a received a "Notice to Prohibit", contact us now.